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This is my very first post within my first blog. I have decided it's time for me to start writing because there is so much I want to share and learn through this blog. Those who know me well know that I love to learn and explore ideas across a wide range of topics (i.e., my faith, relationships, business, sports). Continuous learning is so important that I've even read books on learning how to learn. While that sounds silly, if life is about learning and growing, we need to be great at this process - plus it keeps brain cells active. Ha! It's also rewarding because this pursuit of knowledge opens up opportunities for us as we live our lives. The more we learn, the more we try new things, the more we try new things, the more we fail, and as we fail, we continue learning.

So how does this blog contribute to learning?

It's something new that I believe will help me grow as a person. The process of conveying your thoughts through words is an art form and it is an area I'd to grow in. I already write to my children and wife privately every week, but creating a public weblog offers unique advantages that important for me to explore further. Through many of my personal failures and lessons learned in business and life, there may be value-add I can offer through this blog. I have also been the beneficiary of knowledge by reading books and blogs or listening to podcasts, from individuals I respect and am thankful for their contributions to my life, even though they may never realize it. It's my time to start contributing now. That's my hope with this blog, even if I never hear about it, I hope people read it and feel encouraged, challenged, and motivated to pursue knowledge and good judgment. As the theme of this blog suggests, I believe some of the most valuable knowledge available is often the most inconspicuous as well. We see this in every area of life, and even in the Christian faith as the Bible describes the path to eternal life as narrow. Bottom line, the best things in life require effort and sacrifice and it is our responsibility to be emotionally and intellectual curious about truth and wisdom, and to seek after it.

Ultimately, I hope my thoughts can help drive clarity on important topics and provide illumination in areas that were previously dark. I hope it stirs people to action and creates discussion among friends and families that lead to positive outcomes. At the very least, if this blog stimulates deeper conversation and reduces the every day phatic communication that we all seem to be enslaved to, then I will count it a success. Thanks for reading!




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