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A Letter To My Third Baby Boy

I already love you so much. We feel so blessed. My heart flutters as I type to you. As the third boy myself, we will share a unique bond with one another. Wait until you meet momma though, once you see her, you will know how blessed you truly are. She is so beautiful! You will get to stare at her nonstop for months because she will hold you endlessly. She is an amazing mother! You will feel her love and gentleness on your life almost immediately. She is fun, patient, kind, and very forgiving which you will appreciate as you grow and make mistakes. She is a noble woman as Proverbs 31:26 describes, "She speaks with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue." As you mature, you will benefit from her wisdom. If mommy is the heart, daddy is the hammer. I look forward to teaching you toughness, overcoming adversity, and pursuing your dreams. While I care about your individual ambitions and satisfactions, I care even more about the quality of your ideals. My prayer is that you achieve God's ultimate calling on your life, whatever that may be, even if it may bring you pain at times. I promise you pain will come, especially with Brady and Colin as your older brothers (ha!). In spite of the inflicted pain, they will also be your protectors in time of need. While Brady and Colin may always be your greatest earthly friends, I hope you find Jesus to be your best friend. I pray you find Him early in life and always stay close to Him. In times of loneliness and despair, Jesus will always be there for you, even when family cannot. He is not only your eternal friend, but also your Creator. He is knitting you together in mommy's womb at this very moment. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. You are incredibly unique. There will never be another person just like you!

My Promise:

Our family is a team. We are completely committed to one another. You will never have to worry about daddy's faithfulness to mommy. Ultimately, the passing of time will continue proving this promise true. Your parents love each other immensely and our commitment to one another supersedes the present. Our love is not ostentatious, but as you will witness in our home, it is incredibly deep in private. She is everything to me. I know that the greater my love for mommy, the greater love I can give to you - it's all connected. We want to be great for you!

As we wait for you, we pray for your development and ask God to prepare us to be the best parents possible.





Washington, DC, USA