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Protecting Innocence

Lindsay and I went to The Keys last year and it was easily the best trip we've taken together. It was so beautiful. In fact, the sunset picture on this blog was taken from our rooftop one evening in Key West. The water was amazing and the sky was so open. We stayed in Marathon, Key Largo, and of course Key West. If you have never been to the Seven Mile Bridge, it's definitely a bucket list experience as you are immersed in sky and ocean on the 7-mile bridge above the ocean. In spite of all of this, what made the trip truly special was the people. People were so relaxed, it was the ultimate beachy environment. I can't tell you how many people approached me to ask how I was doing, complete strangers! Clearly, I looked like a tourist - ha. Most of all, the children of all the tourists and especially the locals were so genuine. I can still remember their faces and I think this is why Irma has affected me more than other storms. Most of those local children are probably not in school and likely jumping from shelter to shelter with their parents. If money was already tight, this storm certainly did not help their family's financial situation.

It makes me sad as I know a small part of their innocence has been lost. Working as a community to extend the innocence of our children for as long as possible should be a shared goal.

Seeing any family displaced from their home during a hurricane is sad, but witnessing the faces of innocent children who are scared is terrible. A home should be a safe place, where a child feels protected and loved. For many children in Florida and Houston, they have already lost this innocence. Home may never be the same to them.

Talking or even praying about it is not enough. I just made a donation via because they are promising to double the donations they receive. You can give here

Participation is key. If you only give $5, that's still $10 total going to first aid and relief. Even $1 = $2.

Most importantly, regardless of the size of donation, notice how it makes you feel inside to help those in need, especially the little ones.




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